NINE, 2020

6 Channel Sound Installation 18mins

NINE is the first instalment of a new body of work by Bobbi Cameron commissioned by HOP Projects CT20 as part of Surface Tensions 2020 Part II programme, ‘Contra Culture’.

NINE is a 6-channel sound installation that draws upon the artist’s autobiography and contemporary queer discourses to navigate realms beyond the human.

Stemming from an ongoing research practice that explores queer phenomenology, (dis)orientation and their combined effects on architecture and landscape, Cameron embarked upon a journey encountering and sharing conversations with psychics and mediums to explore how communal disorientation can be experienced with spiritual beings. It was her intention to access this from a theoretical perspective, exploring how it feels to be connected with spirits and how these connections can alter our perceptions of space, place and architecture.

However, through her initial encounters with psychics, Cameron’s position within the work changed and she began to personally collaborate with spirits, ghosts and entities. ‘NINE’ is an outcome of this process, it explores the personal impacts of opening up your space to spirits, how it affects those of us physically living and how it can change, not just our interpretations of landscape, but ourselves entirely.

Created, Performed and Recorded by Bobbi Cameron

Music Composition by Michael John McCarthy

Music Arrangement by Michael John McCarthy and Bobbi Cameron

Interviews from Mary Angels and Janice Shinie

Special thanks to

Nina Shen-Poblete

Thomas Poblete

Adrien Howard

Elizabeth Murphy

Angela Morelli Carpenter

Michael John McCarthy

CCA Glasgow

Mary Angels

Emma Logan

Francis McKee

Isobel McCarthur

Kim Hewitt, Margaret Cameron, Jim Cameron and all the other ghosts whose names I didn’t learn.

NINE (2021)


Stereo Sound Documentation

Research Film

Exhibition Dates


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