2017-19 Master of Fine Art with Distinction, Glasgow School of Art
2009-2014 MA (Hons) Theatre Studies and English Literature, University of Glasgow 

2019 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop - LADA DIY
2018 FUTUREPROOF, National Theatre of Scotland and Gob Squad
2017 OH YES OH NO, Live Art Development Agency DIY with Louise Orwin
2017 //BUZZCUT// Club Residency 

group exhibitions
2019 417hz Master of Fine Art Degree Show, The Glue Factory
2019 holes and spaces and gaps Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow
2019 keep that blood sugar up, honey Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow
2018 SKOOSH Workshop, Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF), CCA Glasgow
2018 keep that bloody sugar up, honey Master of Fine Art Interim Show, The Reid Gallery 

solo performances 
2017 Create Growth collaborative work with Leonie Rae Gasson and Aniela Piasecka (STASIS). //BUZZCUT// and The Art School
2017 CONCH, //BUZZCUT// Festival Glasgow
2016 PRIVATES, Girl Gaze Festival. TYCI and Platform, Glasgow
2016 PRIVATES, Festival of Death. Mischief La Bas and Summerhall, Edinburgh
2016 PLEASURE MACHINE, Sexology Festival. The Arches, Glasgow and Wellcome 
Collection, London
2015 PRIVATES, //BUZZCUT// Festival Glasgow
2014 PRIVATES, Arches Live! Festival Glasgow
2014 DYKE, //BUZZCUT// Festival Glasgow 

*** The Herald (Pleasure Machine)
**** "vital ground-breaking work" The Herald (Privates)
**** "Privates reveals the potential of performance not as a 

community-led event, but a reflective, serene and spiritual process. The List (Privates)
**** The Guardian (Privates)

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